1. Working Mode: 5-13 working hours per day, 2-7 rainy days back-up
2. Solar panel: A grade high efficient
                       Monocrystalline: 30w-310w, efficiency of more than 18.5%
                       Polycrystalline: 30w-270w
                       Hydrophobic layer with higher light absorption and minimal surface dust
                       Lifespan: 20years, 5 years warranty
3. Lithium battery: Capacity: 50AH-100AH
                               Lifespan: 6-8years
4. Controller: PWM/MPPT waterproof IP67
                     Overcharging/discharging protection, reverse-connection protection
                     Lifespan: 5-10years
5. LED lamp: LED power: 20w-60w
                        Lumen efficiency: 130lm/w(3030) or 150lm/w(5050) avaiable
                        IP rate: IP67
                        Lifespan: >50000Hrs
6. Light pole: Hot-dip gavalized, power coating
                         Lifespan: more than 20years
                         Equipped with arm, bracket, flange, fittings, cable
                         resistant to wind: >=150KM/H

Working mode

Scene rendering

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