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The common technology of the PE protective film


PE protective film the boring process of glue is coated on PE base material of solvents or water evaporate in the adhesive layer to make glue curing process. Due to solvent or moisture volatilizes, always demand schedule in the maintenance of the consumption of membrane process, boring usually is the slowest step. Resolution is not only the consumption boring speed but also in large level affects the quality of the products. Boring speed and the change of the boring time: once the glue is coated, before it came into the boring machine oven, solvent volatilization, soon due to volatile endothermic sub appearance temperature is reduced, so the volatilizing speed also landed, boring curve AB period, this is the picture when maintaining membrane into the after burn, the heat absorption by the solvent evaporation from external heat conduction to complement, when heat to reach equilibrium, sub appearance temperature and solvent volatilization adhere to a constant speed. PE protective film glue viscosity and rheological properties of the other is the most important performance influence maintenance membrane coating behavior on the basis of viscosity with the shear rate, the dependence of fluid can be the difference for the Newtonian fluid, contraction and fake plastic three, and in accordance with the change of the shear viscosity of time, the fluid is Newtonian fluid, touch the variant and flow variation, the rheological properties of the glue from the Newtonian fluid, the greater the coating operation in the easier it is to present a variety of quality problems, especially when the nature of the present contract body glue, because it in the process of coating viscosity will increase as the speed of coating increases with the swiftness, required with larger mechanical force talents to make glue, so the faster the coating progress is not easy to get a uniform coating oven temperature can be raised and the solvent diffusion velocity, of course. But high temperature through the often rubber foaming, may increase the risk of fire. Is usually a number of areas of share out bonus: the temperature of oven in the first area of low temperature, can extend the constant speed of boring time, behind several regional temperature gradually raised, can appropriate increase of the late dry speed. In addition, in the adhesive solution for local high boiling point solvents or liquid plasticizer is also an effective way to progress solvent diffusion velocity. Time is altered in consumption in the process of ordinary boring speed to regulate and control.

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