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PE film quality is excellent likeable


PE film, electrostatic protective film does not contain any chemical solvent, the use of modern production equipment and a level 1000 dust-free production system, use or use after both attacks and transpiration no toxic gas and harmful to the environment of the material. Suitable for using in the clean room environment, widely used in various industrial fields of product surface protection, production process and product delivery and use of protection, useful role marching attacks and obvious bad products by value. Electrostatic protective film function features

1, excellent surface adsorption, can replace below 30 g viscosity viscous PE protective film, no glue residue, white mist

2, excellent and wet, can be attached with a, immediately after injection molding injection cooling after a brief, without any residual;

3, can let the slow release chemical solvent on the surface of the paint spraying gas drainage of easily and then avoid and paint machine attacks in resonance phenomenon, spray paint marching the roa of the products;

4, electrostatic protective film surface is smooth, convenient check products:

5, heat resistance, resistance to wet test can be endured 75 degrees (95%) of 75 hours without the disorder, the most can tolerate high temperature 120 degrees. Electrostatic protective film using the field static PE protective film is widely used in all kinds of display frame and panels, light panels, mobile phone shell, computer, TV video frame and the base, the shell, PDA, LCD panels and other electrical and electronic plastic injection molding product surface protection, PC sheet, acrylic sheet and PI film o no special heat-resistant resistance to show the requirements of the smooth surface of the material such as electrostatic protective film, PE is through the equipment will be a variety of composite materials synchronization co-extrusion salivate of surface protective film. This method produces the protective film is also known as electrostatic protective film, PE anti-static PE film, PE from mucous membrane, etc. Table electricity protective film does not contain any adhesive, with good adaptability to environment protection, product quality high interests.

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