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Electrostatic membrane the manufacturer product features


Anti-static film is a kind of used to avoid conflict of electrostatic wrap film. Widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, power transmission and transformation equipment packaging film. Prevent electrostatic damage to human body products and job site.

Anti-static film is in PE quality guess import antistatic agent makes its appearance resistance reached 10 ~ 10 Ω conflict itself is not static, durability, after high temperature to finalize the design and have excellent antistatic electricity effect. Prevent electrostatic products and job site forced bad to human body. Appearance resistance: 10 ~ 10 Ω

What's the feature of antistatic film:

Anti-static film is to prevent electrostatic treatment of polyester film as the backing material, coating and acrylic adhesive and anti-static processing layer and joint from type membrane. It is to avoid the dust and impurities adsorption function, can prevent electrostatic damage function appearance as maintenance data.

Anti-static film product characteristics:

1, low viscosity, stick attached adhesion changed little.

2, antistatic effect is excellent, durable, safe.

3, anti-static film appearance maintenance data moving static electricity phenomenon.

4, its appearance resistance Ω 107-109 cm, and environmental protection non-toxic tasteless.

5, anti-static film products have single anti-static and double-sided anti-static stripping with voltage: 0 KV.

6, excellent transparency, able to fit the appearance of the maintenance data under the status of the optical film viewing.

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