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Electrostatic membrane, high temperature resistant test


  When electrostatic membrane into the after burn, the heat absorption by the solvent evaporation from external conduction heat compensation, arrived in the surface of the rubber in the heat temperature and solvent evaporation speed stability. This is the BC curve segments. With rubber solvent concentration in the fall, when loose speed is less than the evaporation of solvent evaporation rate began to fall.

   At the moment, because of the external heat conduction to transcend the heat absorption by the solvent evaporation, sub surface temperature began to rise, this part is the curve CD. When the adhesive degree rose to near the oven temperature, monotonous speed both the bondage of solvent was loose in the rubber speed and smaller and smaller, which is the DE part of the curve, the part of the cost to the whole of the boring process of most of the time. Monotonous process such as speed, therefore, we must try to shorten the time of DE part, and the most crucial problem is how to travel solvent in the glue line loose travel speed of oven temperature, loose velocity of the solvent can be added, of course. But high temperature is often a brief to make rubber foam, also can add the risk of fire. Usually share out bonus is a number of areas: the temperature of oven in the first area of low temperature, stretch the constant speed dull moment, mu after several regional temperature gradually raised, can be appropriately raised and monotonous 

degrees in the late. 

   In addition, the adhesive solution 屮 marching in the high boiling point solvents or liquid plasticizer is also part of the solvent a useful way to loose speed. In the process of producing generally dull moment is through changes in the speed to regulate and control will be through the monotony of electrostatic film winding roll, and cutting, can be all kinds of electrostatic membrane products. On selection and use of electrostatic membrane, generally should be selected according to the maintenance products. Now, choose to BOPP and PVC plastic profile for the maintenance of the film, PE but aluminum alloy, stainless steel, aluminum-plastic plate choose PE film has good maintenance. Choose the suitable electrostatic membrane, should be careful when using, had better use the paster machine.

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