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PE protective film with glue What is


PE (polyethylene) electrostatic (charge) is a kind of dormant membrane, that is, we often use (use) to the PE protective film sometimes also need glue, then our PE protective film is in what circumstances can use different types of glue?

1, see more of the three kinds of PE (polyethylene) electrostatic membrane, glue, Rubber (Rubber) glue, Acrylic (Acrylic acid) glue, silica gel. PE film is the most simple structure of high polymer organic compound, the world's most widely used polymer materials. Take a look at (xiang xi) is introduced in detail the three more see some basic concepts and features of the glue, under what conditions are using these glue, true yao sample using the talent show glue the biggest role.

2 means of glue, Rubber (Rubber), the primary raw materials (Material) in Rubber is given priority to, first for Europe, and specific Japanese maintenance (Maintain) produced by membrane manufacturers, one of the first feature is the goods (sh ā ng p ǐ n) tolerance contrast, also said that the merchandise a viscosity can apply goods from smooth to rough appearance, compared with acrylate (Acerbity) maintenance glue film, applicable scope is much larger, so in general, the maintenance of Rubber type membrane viscosity probably just four gear, and the maintenance of acrylic glue film is probably every 20 g / 25 mm must be classified alone a commodity, breed is various, so the maintenance of acrylic glue membrane on the manufacturer's stock, inventory, applicable, maintenance type Rubber membrane are briefly a lot. PE film's biggest advantage is protected products in production and processing, transportation, storage and use process from pollution, corrosion, scratches, protect the original bright and clean bright surface, thus improve the quality of the products and market competitiveness. And a second advantage of rubber type maintenance membrane, is because the great forbearance, and thus able to use the maintenance of high viscosity membrane, therefore particularly suitable for processing after the use of heavy and complicated (use), such as stainless Steel (Steel), aluminum (Al) board stamping processing conditions.

3, acrylic resin glue (glue), also known as pressure sensitive adhesive, the first ingredient (ingredient) tincture is fat. Tincture of fat is a kind of macromolecule material (polymer) activity, temperature had certain influence on molecular activity. Glue the tincture of fat content directly affects the use of the tape. Can peel function is superior, the film cohesion is strong, high transparency, no degumming, no residues on the base material, and is suitable for production is low, the maintenance high viscosity function membrane. Usually divided into solvent, and emulsification, and also is known as oil glue and glue water (oil). Acrylic glue, the applicable scope of the general stability (explanation: solid stability; No changes) usually better. Defect is the exhaust resistance is poorer, response of humidity is bigger, also contrast simply left in the appearance of black white mist, commonly known as the ghost of fantasy.

4, the development of silicone rubber (silicon) is in Acrylic (Acrylic acid) glue on the basis of conducting, because over the years about 3 c products (sh ā ng p ǐ n) appearance maintenance need growing, and these use there is a significant some entered the so-called after-sales market, also is in the stores, and then by the consumers themselves DIY. PE protective film by the viscous force points mainly: ultra-low stick protective film, low stick protective film, high low stick protective film, adhesive protective film, protective film, high adhesive protective film. PE (polyethylene) electrostatic (charge) is a kind of dormant membrane found the use of some special emphasis on special exhaust, such ability in the process of film, prevent (fang useful ǐ) of bubbles, and accorded with the silica gel is some consumers need, silica gel is used for PET substrate produced by the screen (Silver screen) maintenance is given priority to.

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