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The main characteristics of the PE protective film and processing the texture of the material


PE polyethylene (b) m: o hu) protection film can be seen everywhere in our daily life, such as food or some electronic products, etc., and now with the development of can constantly (Develop), people also become more and more high to the requirement of products, products of sex can become diversified, such as requiring its surface (bi m: o mian) is frosted and scratch-resistant, the surface of the product to have very strong definition (Clarity)! The film on the market breed is very much, such as the use in the food, we can use can make the grinding of food preservation, used in some electronic devices (offerings) can use some can protect grinding, the surface of some car also use to the membrane, so that the product has great relationship with our lives.

Now society (demand) more and more high to the requirement of environmental protection, the environmental protection consciousness of people also constantly improve, so now the product of environmental protection requirements is relatively high, so generally water-soluble good products have very good market prospect in the future. In protecting (b) m: o hu) membrane using range is very wide, products in the electronic, automobile, plastic products, metal and other industries are widely used in coating, protective film first appeared actually (appear) when in the market is no adsorption ability, usually is to use glue (glue) to stick, tear after can make glue mark on the screen, time is long will appear corrosion condition.

PE Protective film (Protective film), the main characteristics of its own in time are very soft, in the process of paste (guo cheng) is also more convenient (f ā ng bian), but the material in general is relatively thick (thickness), the pervious to light (translucidus) performance (xing neng) also is not so good, so you can make the screen looks hazy, tear off after also marks the glue on the screen, this material will appear because of the change of temperature (temperature) FanHuang oil, used (use) (lifetime) will also be very short service life. PE protective film by the viscous force points mainly: ultra-low stick protective film, low stick protective film, high low stick protective film, adhesive protective film, protective film, high adhesive protective film. PE film's biggest advantage is protected products in production and processing, transportation, storage and use process from pollution, corrosion, scratches, protect the original bright and clean bright surface, thus improve the quality of the products and market competitiveness. (shi ch m: ng) on the market now almost no.

Protective film after a period of improvement, the manufacturer first solve (solve) the product is not pervious to light and heavy, but the problem is resolved FanHuang will appear after a problem of oil, because of its processing (ji ā g not ng) materials were not has the Ability of resistance to blow (Ability), so in use after a period of time the protective film will appear some obvious scratch on it

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